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2023 Clencairn 42 km

2023 glencairn trail run  42 km

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At Glencairn Trail Run, we aim to create a true celebration of trail running and the outdoors. Whether you are a seasoned runner seeking a true test or a beginner looking to discover some of the areas beautiful views, Glencairn offers the opportunity for all. There are 3 different events to take part in. The 2 day Glencairn Ram Run (approx 18kms per day), The Glencairn Lamb Run (approx. 9kms per day) and our newest event the Glencairn Mountain Marathon, a 43km ultra trail run that takes runners from Bulwer to Glencairn Farm. The routes will take you up alongside the Drakensberg mountains, through dairy pastures, wind through forest trails and meander alongside pristine mountain rivers.

But it’s not just about the run. From the moment you arrive you’ll be greeted by a festive atmosphere filled with live music, yoga classes, delicious food and more. So lace up your running shoes, gather your friends and join us for a unforgettable weekend packed with adventure and the joy of being outdoors.


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